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Small Space Decorating Ideas – I’m sharing them at Hox How To!

Do you live an a teeny tiny apartment? And are you looking for some easy to apply decorating tips that will make your place look like a million bucks? Then I have just the thing for you! On Sunday 4th February, I will be sharing some of my best small space decorating ideas during a panel talk called Make it Mini: Hacks For a Capsule Home. This talk is part of an exciting new event at the Hoxton Hotel in Amsterdam – which happens to be one of my favorite hotels in the city.

Hox How To: Hone Your Eye for Interiors lets you meet inspirational interiors experts who will host a day of hands on masterclasses and panel debates, bestowing unique insights and firing up your ambitions for 2018. Sounds splendid, right? Van Dijk & Ko are there to show you how to restore vintage items – and I’m sure they’ll do a better job than I did a while ago on Dutch national television. Also present are Dax Roll and Joyce Urbanus from Nicemakers and Jacomien van Haersma Buma-Zandt (gotta love that name) from Fortunata  to tell you all about the latest trends in interior design. Should be interesting, because one of the main messages of the book I’m publishing soon is that you should forget about trends and just do your own thing. And wow, my friends Desiree Groenendal of Vosgesparis and Wendy van Woudenberg have started working together as w/Style Agency. Great to see they’re going to give a talk as well.

Small Space Decorating Ideas – a sneak preview

Okay, so here’s the thing. When the nice people at the Hoxton said if I wanted to share some small space decorating ideas, I agreed without knowing the panel talk would be an hour long. Time to get started on my presentation! To get you (and me) in the mood, I’ve collected some of the best images of beautifully decorated small apartments from around the world. One piece of advice I can give you free of charge: Living small does not mean you can’t go big on style.

***Want to hear all my small space decorating ideas? Buy a ticket for Make it Mini: Hacks for a Capsule Home and I’ll tell you all about it!***


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What better place to start than at the Hoxton itself? This room at their Amsterdam hotel definitely makes the most of a modestly sized space!

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What a coinkydink! AD España featured mini casas in their January 2018 issue – menos metros, más diseño! My Spanish certainly isn’t perfect, but I think that translates at fewer metres, more design. Right?

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If you’re looking for something a bit more opulent, then what about this library by Friederike Kemp Biggs I found hidden on Architectural Digest? Normally I’m not a fan of symmetry, but as you can see here, Friederike has taken it to ridiculous heights.

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Am I a interior ignoramus for not having heard about Friederike Kemp Biggs before? I did a Google search and opened a treasure trove of great interiors. Check out her small but not so modest black and gold kitchen…hubba hubba!

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Okay, enough Architectural Digest for now! Not to be outdone, Elle Decor has this image on their website. It’s the picture perfect living room of artist Judith Hudson – and by all means, don’t check out her work if you’re afraid of clowns.

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Last, but certainly not least, let me introduce you to Mr. Interior Addict Roel Brouwer. He is the new blogger for the Dutch edition of Residence and I am a big fan of his work. This photo of Roel’s living room is the perfect example of how you can decorate the sh*t out of a small space.


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