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Sevdaliza – That Other Girl

K.I.S.S.! I’m going to Keep It Short and Simple today. Sevdaliza’s new video ‘That Other Girl’ was released yesterday and it is so amazing it’s not even funny anymore! The video was directed and produced by Pussykrew (who? I hear you say – but don’t worry, I had the same question!) and it features some of the most mesmerizing and trippy graphics I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve watched this video ten times already and I cannot get enough. Which is kind of weird for a 46-year old interior design blogger, but who cares?

Interesting titbit: Sevdaliza and I both live in Rotterdam and I vaguely remember talking to her at a party a while ago. Didn’t know she was such a big deal! Guess I was wrong about that one, now wasn’t I? Oh well!

Sevdaliza That Other Girl Sevdaliza That Other Girl Sevdaliza-That-Other-Girl-04 Sevdaliza-That-Other-Girl-05 Sevdaliza-That-Other-Girl-07 That Other Girl cyborg That Other Girl


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