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Seidler House & Gissing House

While working on my interview with Bona Fide Modernist designers Modiste over the last two weeks, I got into a bit of a Modernist mood. Not the cold, minimalist European version – but rather its warmer American version. Yes, there is a distinct difference between the two, I learned, and I ‘ll show you next Monday when part one of the Modiste interview will go live. Anyhow, whilst in my Modernist mood, I came across these beautiful pictures of two later Modernist Australian houses. One is called Seidler House, the other Gissing House. Beautiul warm late Sixties – early Seventies architecture with furniture to match. I’m officially in love.

If you want to know more about these two houses then go to’s also an excellent article on Gissing House on


Seidler House 01 Seidler House 02 Seidler House 03 Seidler House 04


Gissing House 01 Gissing House 02 Gissing House 03 Gissing House 04 Gissing House 05 Gissing House 06 Gissing House 07 Gissing House 08 Gissing House 09


Photography Chris Colls and Max Dupain


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