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Rolf Benz Pouffe adds Oomph my living room

POUFFE! I love that word! Its sound has an element of surprise to it, something unexpected. And I guess that’s exactly the effect that designer Johannes Steinbauer went for when he designed the new Rolf Benz 953. I got my new pouffe as a gift a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you – this thing has been all over the place! It’s not like I can’t decide where to put it. Rather, I’ve used my pouffe for a million things (well, now you’re exaggerating a bit, Mr. Interiorator). It’s been used as an extra seat for guests and I also figure out after a while it makes for an excellent occasional table when I put a tray on top of it.

Now, the Rolf Benz 953 is available in red, green, blue and gray. I went for the red version, although the color is more like a red with an orange undertone when you look closely. In any case, the Kvadrat Divina looks fantastic and because it’s one hundred per cent wool it has a nice luxurious feel to it.

And you know what? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how our living room has changed through the years. It used to be a boring affair with taupe walls (I know, don’t get me started) and all the wrong furniture. Now, it looks a thousand times better with dark blue walls, art from Kunstuitleen Rotterdam on every wall and of course my giant blue Roman head by Maddnes. Interior decoratoring done right is always a bit of a journey and I’m glad that my new Rolf Benz 953 pouffe has added some extra oomph along the way!

Rolf Benz 953 Pouffe add oomph to my living room /// More on Interiorator.comMy pouffe goes perfectly with the striped painting by Ditty Ketting in the background.

Rolf Benz 953 Pouffe add oomph to my living room /// More on Interiorator.comThe Kvadrat Divina fabric definitely looks and feels well, divine!

Rolf Benz 953 Pouffe add oomph to my living room /// More on

The Rolf Benz 953 is Made in Germany (like my sister-in-law) and is available now for the very affordable price of 295 euro’s.

Oh and PS: Don’t forget to check out the website of Johannes Steinbauer for a fascinating making of!


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