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Rockin’ Rick Tegelaar at the Rokin Metro Station

With all the hustle and bustle above ground in Amsterdam, you’d almost forget that a new metro line is being constructed that will run from Central Station all the way to RAI – now, of course, home of Woonbeurs. One of the main streets of the city, Rokin, has been an ugly building site for so long that I was actually surprised that a teeny-tiny part of the new Rokin metro station was open to the public during Elle Inside Design last weekend. Several upcoming designers were showing their work and one of them definitely caught my eye. I have to admit that, much like a cross, I’m a sucker for big, shiny objects and so it was no surprise that I walked straight to the lamps of Atelier Rick Tegelaar. I was greeted by the designer himself and he told me everything about the design process. As you can see, it’s all very cool stuff – and what’s even better, it’s in production!


Rick TegelaarRick Tegelaar Rick TegelaarElle Inside Design Rokin 08Elle Inside Design Rokin 01 Elle Inside Design Rokin 02 Elle Inside Design Rokin 03 Elle Inside Design Rokin 04 Elle Inside Design Rokin 05 Elle Inside Design Rokin 06


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