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The giant pulp covers extravaganza that ate Interiorator!

If you read this blogpost, there’s a good chance it is Saturday morning April th, 2014. Perhaps you’re enjoying a long breakfast – or are you recovering from a night on the town with a massive hangover? In any case, I’ll be at work at the Villa ArenA interior design shopping center, where I’ll kick of the ultra exciting Villa ArenA blog event together with the other home deco bloggers from Blogtoday. Busy, busy, busy and so it’s great that I have loads of old blogposts (like this fine specimen about pulp covers) that I can revamp a bit and bing, bam, boom I’m done for the day!  

Ah yes, back to the good old days when a young Interiorator read issue after issue of the deliciously pulpy John Sinclair Ghost Hunter before sending himself off to sleep. There’s an entire website dedicated to the colorful  retro art work that graced pulp fiction from the fifties to the seventies. Aptly titled Pulp Covers, it is a true treasure trove of the weird and wonderful. Enjoy!

Pulp covers /// Interiorator Pulp covers /// Interiorator Pulp covers /// Interiorator Fantastic_Universe_March_1958 Fantastic 7554250298_8ca701d18d_o lf5 lf2 lf Pin-Up_in_Blue_Bikini_Eyeful_magazine_cover_January_1945 Pin-Up_with_Hat_Flirt_magazine_cover_August_1949 Peter_Driben_-_Thigh_Measurement_Wink_magazine_cover_December_1949 Meet_Me_In_Tomorrow_by_Guy_Archette_Imagination_December_1950


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