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Projecteo – the Instagram projector for therealinteriorator

Hidden in my parents’ basement are at least a few hundred slides from my childhood. I haven’t seen them in years but I do remember that they had something magical about them. The humming of the projector, the ephemeral images on the wall,  the fond memories of times past. I have taken tons of pictures with my digital camera and my phone over the last couple of years. And I always get the feeling these pictures will be lost forever if my computer crashes. Gone.

I’ve been checking out the Projecteo Instagram projector. I can create wheels with nine of my favorite Instagram images on film and project them on whatever I want. Or I could take nine Instagram pictures of my nephews and give the Projecteo and the wheel as a birthday present. It’d be so nice to pass the magic along.

PS: You can follow me on Instagram – my username is therealinteriorator (it’s a long story). I’ve included a little preview of what I’ve posted so far this year.

Projecteo 05Projecteo 03Projecteo 06

TheRealInteriorator03 TheRealInteriorator04 TheRealInteriorator05 TheRealInteriorator06 TheRealInteriorator07 TheRealInteriorator08 TheRealInteriorator09 TheRealInteriorator10 TheRealInteriorator11 TheRealInteriorator12TheRealInteriorator01 TheRealInteriorator02


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