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Parade Touch and Histor present: The Mother of all Makeovers

Sometimes you just have to clear out your entire living room and only put back the things you really like. That’s what living interior design legend Jan des Bouvrie said a while ago during his speech at the opening ceremony of Salon Residence. I was standing in the audience and thought to myself, true that! You see, with the help of Parade Touch and Histor,  I had just finished the Mother of all Makeovers of my living room – and I had used the exact strategy that Mr. des Bouvrie was telling about. 

All photo’s by Jurgen Wielaard / Wielaard Photography

Parade Touch white carpeting with dark blue walls and ceilings by HistorThat’s me enjoying my new living room! 

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It’s a bit of a cliché, I know. But in my case it was as true as can be. My old black leather Kho Liang Ie chair, a spectacular new vase I got for my birthday, art borrowed from Kunstuitleen Rotterdam and painted out blue walls, ceilings and woodwork. Long story short: I pulled out all the stops for this project.

The entire idea started this spring when I met up with Monique van der Reijden, who is not only the mastermind behind Dutch Style Company and Perscentrum Wonen, but also one of the very best interior stylists and design connaisseurs in the Netherlands. I kid you not. Anyway, she suggested that I try out something from the new Parade Touch collection. To be honest, I never thought I’d go for wall to wall carpeting but when Monique showed me the samples I figured this would be my chance to make a Big Statement in my living room. White carpeting, dark blue walls and ceilings – an upside down living room.

Parade Touch white carpeting with dark blue walls and ceilings by HistorThe blue Roman head by Maddnes is still there of course (although I have to admit it moved around the living room quite a bit during the photoshoot)!

Now, you may remember that my home was featured in Dutch interior design magazine vtwonen a little more than a year ago. In true Abigail Ahern style, I thought I’d paint out the walls and ceilings in my hallway and sleeping room in dark blue. There was no time – or money – to give my entire home a makeover and so I figured I’d only show the parts that were finished.  You can imagine my fear when vtwonen insisted that they publish a picture of my boring old pre-makeover living room as well. I agreed and regret it to this day. Just take a look at this blogpost and you know what I mean.

With this Mother of all Makeovers I’m showing you today, I can finally leave all that behind me. It was one hell of a job to get everything finished in what was one of the hottest weeks this summer, but I did it. I’ve made a fresh start with a more minimalist interior (albeit in a bit of an unusual color combination) and with the new Parade Touch carpeting and a fresh layer of paint by Histor to boot, I have the perfect foundation for what will one day be the perfect living room.


Neon light object in my living room /// More on Interiorator.comThis new light object from Kunstuitleen Rotterdam looks perfect on the white Parade touch carpet. 

Parade Touch white carpeting with dark blue walls and ceilings by HistorThe wall to wall carpeting looks – and feels – like a thin layer of sand. I feel like walking around barefoot all the time! Oh and before I forget, the green lantern is from Taiwan Lantern, the company owned by my good friend Peiching Hsiao!  


Parade Touch white carpeting with dark blue walls and ceilings by HistorNow this is one idea that worked great. I used my trusty old 52″ Samsung TV, turned it 90 degrees and displayed an ultra-glamorous picture of Morgan Fairchild on it. 

Oh and in case you’re worried about stains on white carpeting – let me tell you this: only a week after I got my new Parade Touch white carpeting, I bumped my toe on my desk and left a few major bloodstains. Lucky for me, they came straight out with some water and dishwashing liquid. So there! 

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