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Palazzo Clerici on Fast Forward

So, are you up for one more thing? I ask my husband as we get up from our chairs. We spent the last half hour on a crowded Milan terrace, carefully sipping our 7 euro beers. It’s late in the afternoon and there is just one more thing I want to see in the Brera design district before we head back to our apartment – Palazzo Clerici.

It’s my first time at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and I’m determined not to miss a thing. Mission impossible, I know – but why not set the bar really, really high? I’ve done my research and Palazzo Clerici is pretty high on my to do list, together with the Kartell store and Rossana Orlandi (side note: we’ve been joking at home about how there really should be a drag queen called Roxxana Orlando – but I digress). Anyway, long story short – my husband says sure, we go to the Palazzo Clerici, do the place on fast forward, run into Konstantin Grcic and leave the joint in under fifteen minutes. I look like a mad man running amok with his camera – but I don’t mind. We’ve done our ‘one more thing’ and call it a day. The end.



On your marks, get set, GO! Here we go on our whirlwind tour of Palazzo Clerici! Check out the bad ceiling – it’s kind of refreshing to be at a palace that hasn’t been perfectly preserved and restored.


I have no idea what that guy is doing there – nor do I have time to ask. Looks pretty cool though!

Salone-del-Mobile-2015-Palazzo-Clerici-03I have to look up who has designed all this some other time!

Salone-del-Mobile-2015-Palazzo-Clerici-04This place really makes me think of the Lensvelt Hub at last year’s Elle Festival in Amsterdam! 

Salone-del-Mobile-2015-Palazzo-Clerici-05Note to self: must find out some other time who has designed this amazing rug!

Salone-del-Mobile-2015-Palazzo-Clerici-06Almost at the end. Oh look, some nice tables by Os and Oos!

Salone-del-Mobile-2015-Palazzo-Clerici-07Interesting, I think as I race past this outfit.

Salone-del-Mobile-2015-Palazzo-Clerici-10I have no idea what this is but it’s fascinating.

Salone-del-Mobile-2015-Palazzo-Clerici-08Some giant cube with that’s about privacy – I think

Salone-del-Mobile-2015-Palazzo-Clerici-09  Hi there, Konstantin Grcic!


Salone-del-Mobile-2015-Palazzo-Clerici-11The cube again. I promise I’ll look up what it means some time soon.


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