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See you at OBJECT Rotterdam 2017!

Time flies when you’re having fun – and even when you’re not, the years seem to go by at the blink of an eye. Case in point: I took these pictures at last year’s edition of OBJECT Rotterdam and never got around to publishing them, for crying out loud! I know, my head hangs in shame, because OBJECT Rotterdam always turns out to be nothing less than the best place to see the latest Dutch design. OBJECT is curated by Anne van der Zwaag, who has such a keen eye for selecting just the right designers it’s not even funny anymore. And don’t get me started on the location. In 2014, Object Rotterdam was held at the De Rotterdam building by Rem Koolhaas. And I loved, loved, loved it to bits. Then, in 2015 the best little design fair that could moved to the beautifully restored ss Rotterdam. This historic ocean liner is a joy to behold for design history buffs like me – fingers  crossed the swimming pool and adjacent morgue (I know) will be open to the public again like they were during last year’s edition of OBJECT Rotterdam.

Speaking of which – If you read this blogpost the very moment I publish it (and let’s face it, there’s no reason you shouldn’t) then you’re just in time to make your travel arrangements to Rotterdam. OBJECT Rotterdam 2017 will open this coming Friday February 10th and then last until Sunday February 12th. See you there!

Object Rotterdam - Tijmen Smeulders rug /// More on Interiorator.comRug by Tijmen Smeulders

Object-Rotterdam-101-Ward-Wijnant Lamp by Ward Wijnant (such a nice guy, BTW!)

Object-Rotterdam-2016-102-Simone-PostRug by Simone Post

Object Rotterdam - Dust Jesus by Wieland Vogel /// More on Interiorator.comDust Jesus by Wieland Vogel

Object-Rotterdam-01Check out the indoor pool at the ss Rotterdam – and the lamps by Isaac Monté made from leftover bacon strips. Eeew! 

Object-Rotterdam-2016-106-Isaac-Monte A close-up of the bacon strip lamps by Isaac Monté. Object-Rotterdam-02 Lamp by Sander Mulder

Object-Rotterdam-04 Object-Rotterdam-06

Things got positively spooky on the way to the ss Rotterdam morgue – these hearts by Isaac Monté were a bit too much to swallow for some visitors. 

Object Rotterdam - rug by Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen /// More on Rug by Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen

Object Rotterdam - chandelier by Sander Mulder /// More on Chandelier by Sander Mulder

Object Rotterdam - Les Sauvages roadkill masks by Isaac Monte /// More on Les Sauvages masks by Isaac Monté made from actual roadkill. 



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