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Nina Yashar’s interior Nirvana

Did you ever ask yourself what your home would look like if you had an unlimited budget and absolute, one hundred per cent impeccable taste? Well, here’s your answer. Nina Yashar, a design dealer whose name reminds me of a character on Star Trek, showed her house to Brazilian Casa Vogue recently and I fell in love the moment I saw it. Great furniture, lots of art, nice little touches – everything is just so. This woman is done decorating. She threw out her last Billy bookcase long ago and is now in interior Nirvana.

Which left me wondering, what if my place were perfect and there was nothing left to change? No more paint jobs, no more pictures to frame, no more chairs to buy and no more mistakes to make along the way. It’d be kind of boring wouldn’t it? The joy of interior design comes from not from what a room looks like but from what it could look like. Well, to me at least. And now that I sit here writing this, I suddenly understand why my own place is never finished. I guess the picture in my head will always remain nicer than the actual result. What a comforting thought.

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Images via Casa Vogue


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