My husband walking around the living room in his bathrobe – and not much else. That is the first thing I saw when I installed our new Nest Cam a couple of weeks ago and decided to play around with it for a while. It is a sight I see in real life every day, but to see my husband on my phone when I’m away from home is a somewhat voyeuristic experience. Still, now that I’m used to having Nest Cam in our home and adjusted its settings to our liking, I definitely see its many advantages. Let me tell you what it’s like to live with a Nest Cam.For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Nest Cam, let me briefly explain to you what it is and why you might want to get one yourself. The Nest Cam is a tiny security camera that you can use to see your home when you’re not there. You can use it to see if anyone has broken into your home – but of course you can also use the Nest Cam to see what your dog has been up to. Or cat, in our case – since we just adopted a new cat called Tony. The Nest Cam streams video to your smartphone or PC 24/7. It has night vision, sends activity alerts whenever it sees or hears anything suspicious and works with the same app as your other Nest products. With its Nest Aware subscription service, you can also record up to thirty days of video.

I first installed the Nest Cam in our living room. As you can see, it has an ultrawide lens – perfect if you want to inspect your entire living room.

I distinctly remember the first moment I wanted a Nest Cam. I was just about to enjoy my first sip of gin and tonic on a busy terrace in Madrid when I received a somewhat cryptic text message from one of our neighbors that seemed to suggest that our apartment had been broken into. To make things worse, we couldn’t reach her and had to spend the next hour of so wondering if burglars had stolen my beloved one-legged table,  my orange bar cart or my precious Roman head! Thankfully, it was all one big misunderstanding but it could have been prevented in a second with the Nest Cam.

Now, depending on whether or not you want to spy on your loved ones walking around the house in their underwear when you’re away, you might want to adjust the settings of the Nest Cam. Using the Nest app, you can turn on the camera either manually or automatically with a schedule. And if you have a pet like we do, it’s a good idea to get Nest Aware. This subscription service upgrades your Nest Cam advanced motion detection sensing so that it can distinguish even better between a cat and a cat burglar.

I later moved the Nest Cam to our kitchen to get a better view of our apartment.

So there you have it. I’ve been living with the Nest Cam for a few weeks now and I’m totally used to it. In fact, I love how I can check what’s going on at home whenever no one is there. I even found out our cat Tony likes to  sleep in my chair – something he never does when we’re at home! Interested in buying your own Nest Cam? Sure you are! Order one online at the Nest Store and you never have to worry again about what’s going on at home when you’re not there.