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My must-have posters du jour: Yoni Alter’s Shapes of Cities

Did I ever tell you that my home is going to be featured in next month’s issue of VTWonen? I don’t think I did! As I’m sure you’re going to notice, I don’t have a lot of art on the wall. And by a lot I mean nothing. It’s not that I don’t like a good painting or poster – it’s just that I never get around to finishing my own place and then keeping it that way for at least a couple of months. These posters by Yoni Alter might just make the difference, however. They’re big, they’re colorful and they’re about cities – the perfect ingredients for Interiorator, in other words! Each poster features the (condensed) skyline of one of the world’s biggest cities. And of course New York, New York is so nice, they didn’t only have to name it twice but they also did TWO posters: one regular and one ‘colossal’ version. Yowsa!

 PS: Wouldn’t it be great if Yoni did a poster of my hometown Rotterdam? Our skyline is impressive enough – so Yoni, what’s keeping you?

Yoni Alter 00 Colossal NYCYoni Alter 02 New York City

Yoni Alter 01 London  Yoni Alter 03 Toronto Yoni Alter 04 Sydney Yoni Alter 05 Shanghai Yoni Alter 06 San Francisco Yoni Alter 07 Washington DC dc Shapes of Cities - Madrid /// Interiorator Shapes of Cities - Berlin /// Interiorator


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