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My ‘Little Greene’ interior design secret

It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it. That goes for many things in life – but especially for paint color charts. Or ‘colours’ I should write in today’s blogpost, because for this blogpost I’m going British. Now, when it comes to paint I can safely say I’ve worked with all the bigger and smaller brands on the market. The biggest challenge – of course – is picking juuuust the right colour, a process that can be a particularly major pain in the proverbial behind. So let me share my number one interior design secret with you. Whenever I start a new interior design project, the absolute first thing I do is consult my trusty Little Greene colour chart. There, I’ve said it.

Little Greene Colour chart aka my interior design secret revealed /// More on Interiorator.comMy trusty Little Greene Colour Chart! 

It doesn’t feature over 1,000 colours like some other brands do. Which is perfectly fine, because it finding the right colour would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not my thing. What is my thing, however, is bold and bright colours. Not the ones that make your room look like one of those cheap and messy studentenhuizen that you see here in the Netherlands. I’d rather go for something richer, something more eccentric thank you very much. And let’s face it, who in their right mind wouldn’t?

Up until this year, I’ve never had the chance to work with Little Greene paint. And since I’ve already painted out every nook and cranny in my own apartment, it was high time to find some new victims. Enter my niece Nathalie and her boyfriend Carlo! Earlier this year, they moved to a new apartment above the legendary Prinses Theater here in Rotterdam. And I thought that would be the perfect occasion to offer them some sound interior design advice. Out came the Little Greene colour chart and before we knew it, we had decided on two colours that particularly tickled our fancy.

Little-Greene-BlueLast month, I saw these Little Greene shades of blue at Woonbeurs Amsterdam – perfect if you’re looking for rich and slightly eccentric paint colours!

Surprisingly enough (for me, at least) we didn’t go for blue. I love blue. In fact, I love blue so much I painted out my entire apartment in dark blue. Ceilings included, mind you. But that’s a different story.

Waiting with bated breath  to find out which colours I picked for Nathalie and Carlo’s apartment? Well, I hope you can hold it just a little bit longer because I’m not going to tell you until later this week!

Little-Greene-WallpaperPS: Did you know that Little Greene also has an amazing range of bold and beautiful wallpaper? Well, now you do!





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