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My Facebook hallway makeover

Time for a hallway makeover! You would think that interior stylists live in immaculately designed homes, wouldn’t you? Not necessarily so, in the case I’m about to describe to you. You see, the home of this particular person is actually quite nice: a comfortable living room, a modern kitchen with an island – it has all the accoutrements. But the hallway…now that’s another story. You see, when the interior stylist and his husband got their place, they couldn’t decide on anything. Anything. They both have strong opinions on and after a few ‘Alien vs. Predator’ like fights over the tiniest decorating details after they had just moved in together, they called it a day and left the hallway as it still is today. What a sad story – especially because the interior stylist is me!

The good thing about this hallway, however, is that it’s an empty slate. An ugly slate, I admit, but an empty one nonetheless. I’m sure I’ll be able to turn it into something nice – especially after that design class I took with Abigail Ahern. Oh, how I envied her hallway when I visited two weeks ago!

Anyhow, over the next few weeks I’m going to share my progress with you on theInteriorator Facebook page. I’ll be posting updates on the colors I’ll be using, the cool accessories that I am going to find and the challenges I’ll be facing. Oh and yes, I AM going to paint out the ceiling!

If you want to see to see how I’m going to turn this sad hallway into a the coolest apartment entrance you’ve ever seen, then head over and follow my progress and provide me with some much appreciated feedback. And of course, if you like my Facebook page, the updates will show up on your newsfeed automatically!

My Facebook hallway makeover /// Interiorator


My Facebook hallway makeover /// Interiorator


I tried Farrow and Ball’s Mizzle once, but didn’t like it and called it a day. That was in 2011. 

My Facebook hallway makeover /// Interiorator


Look at the exquisite detailing, no work here!

hallway 04


Living in style since 2007.

hallway 05


We had the ceiling skimmed when we bought the place in 2007, but never got around to removing this skimming stain on the door. Oh, and I have no clue what that cable is for.


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