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My surprise order has arrived – let’s find out what it is!

It felt like I was sending my future self a gift when I placed my first surprise order at last April. Julien Rademaker – the genius behind the recent Gevonden op Marktplaats Salon –  had just joined their team of curators and so I was mega curious what he would select for his followers. And let me tell you, the man did not disappoint when I received my surprise order yesterday. I’d sort of forgotten about it and finding it in my mail box after a long day at work, it made for a pleasant surprise. This is what I got! unpacking party! More today on

Unboxing party for one! This is what a surprise order looks like when your receive it. Sorry the table was a bit of a mess – I wanted to take a picture straightaway. And no, I haven’t finished that Douglas Rushkoff book yet – I hope to finally come around to it when I go to Spain and Portugal next month.

Nathalie Du Pasquier Memphis coasters, placemats and tea towels delivered by

Surprise! A beautiful set of Memphis coasters, placemats and tea towels designed by Nathalie Du Pasquier along with a nice note by Julien explaining why he had chosen these products (long story short: he’s a big Memphis fan – no surprises there).

Memphis coasters by Nathalie du Pasquier /// More on

A close-up of the corkboard coasters.

Nathalie Du Pasquier placemat (or mousepad) delivered by

Silly me, I thought the mini placemats were mousepads and so I took a picture of one of them with my mouse. Oh well.


These are the tea towels I received. Pretty cool huh? I didn’t feel like ironing them before taking a photo so I took the easy way out and looked up a picture online. Ha!

PS: If you want to find out how other Curated customers like their surprise order, check out #curated94 on Twitter!


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