In the end, how much does it matter if you go shopping at a place where you can’t afford anything? I’m not going to say that I’m going to be strapped for cash for the rest of my life, but I do have to admit that I have to be careful this year how I spend my money. Still, that didn’t keep me from dropping by Morentz in the Dutch town of Waalwijk the other weekend. Because let me tell you, this high-end furniture dealer is the perfect place if you want to hone your sense of taste. In fact, even museums shop at Morentz if they’re looking for that one special item to add to their design collection. How about that! My mother and I walked around their showroom for a good hour, both fantasizing about what we’d buy if we won the lottery (it’s a recurring theme in our conversations). Now, I don’t have to tell you that the chances of either one of us becoming a millionaire overnight are slim at best. But that has never kept us from simply taking in all the beautiful things the world has on offer. Think what you will, but it’s a hell of a lot better than going shopping at your local furniture mall where you can afford everything but don’t want to buy anything. Right? Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take a few photos and then look up each item my mother and I saw at 1stDibs, the website where Morentz and many other high-end dealers sell their work. Here goes!

Making the rounds at Morentz

Zig Zag chairs at MorentzWe started out in the main showroom, where we saw this Jordi Vilanova I Bosch Table Designed for ‘Caves Codorniu’ and six Rietveld ‘Zig Zag’ chairs. My mother and I both agreed that the large Swedish chandelier by Holger Johansson from 1952 would look pretty good here at home.

Leather chair and tapestry at MorentzNow, normally there is this stunning leaded glass window to ooh and aah over at Morentz. But apparently, they were restoring it and so, we couldn’t see it. Instead, we admired this tapestry and an orange leather chair that I couldn’t find afterwards on 1stDibs. Anyone?

Marble table lampAnother item that has remained a mystery up until now. I checked out all the table lamps that Morentz has on offer, but alas.

Vignelli 'Saratoga' Large White Sofa with Red LeatherCome to papa (or mama)! My mother and I definitely appreciated this Vignelli ‘Saratoga’ Large White Sofa with Red Leather with an extremely large (I’ll say!) Jean Claude Dresse Coffee Table with Inlay of Marcasite and the Fabio Lenci ‘Lampione’ Floor Lamp for Guzzini in the background.

Móveis Cimo Pair of Sculptural Lounge ChairsAfter winning the lottery, we could definitely see ourselves splurging on a Móveis Cimo Pair of Sculptural Lounge Chairs and a Jorge Zalszupin “Petalas” Coffee Table in Jacaranda.

Paul Boberg cabinet at MorentzI’d never heard of Paul Boberg before, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like his large Red Cabinet. And although my mother and I were sure that the Hans J. Wegner Rare ‘JH572’ Architect’s Desk, 1953 would be worth every cent, we both thought that it was a bit too understated for our taste.

Hans Agne Jakobsson Chandelier with twelve Shades in BrassAs my mother and I walked into the giant former shoe factory hall opposite the main showroom, I explained that red is a bit of a trend color right now. Since we’ve conveniently lost touch with most of our relatives, we couldn’t think of a reason to buy a dozen of Ib Kofod-Larsen Penguin Dining Chairs. But don’t let that keep you from picking them up! The Hans Agne Jakobsson Chandelier with twelve Shades in Brass is definitely on your lottery money shortlist, however.

De Sede 'DS84'No, these De Sede ‘DS84’ Settee in Naturel Buffalo Leather don’t come cheap. But they’re going to last you a lifetime, unlike the €250 made in China sofa’s that you see everywhere nowadays.

Shell table lampsYes, we ‘shell’ buy these two brass table lamps one day – and afterwards, we’re driving straight to René Houben in the nearby town of Oisterwijk for two new lampshades.

Mario Bellini sofaDid you know that Mario Bellini once designed a beautiful calculator? Well, neither did I until I did a Google Image search of the man behind this ‘Camaleonda’ Modular Sofa in Original Leather.

Making the rounds at Morentz Even the experts at Morentz apparently didn’t know who designed this French Three-Seat Sofa in Beige Velvet. With its rounded shapes and casual cushions, it still looks great.

Lennart Bender Wilo chairs Want to make a statement? Then look no further than these ‘Wilo’ Lounge Chairs in Red Leather by Lennart Bender.

Vittorio Parigi & Nani Prina Black 'Orix 'Desk with ChairI’m not really sure how comfortable it would be writing at this Vittorio Parigi & Nani Prina Black ‘Orix ‘Desk with Chair, but a hernia would be a small price to pay for having this fabulous looking design at home.

Ubald Klug landscapesAaah, yes…this Ubald Klug Set of Four Sand Color ‘Landscapes’ by De Sede is a classic!

Brass chandelierSia would have a field day swinging from this chandelier in Brass and Art-Glass Spheres. It looks gigantic compared to the Spanish Dining Table in Solid Pinewood and the Eero Saarinen for Knoll International Chairs.

Teak chairs boomerangMy mother and will fly right back for these Erik Christiansen ‘Boomerang’ Chairs in Teak – that yellow upholstery makes all the difference, we both thought.

Travertine dining room table Time for a small break at this Architectural Dining Table in Travertine – check out that amazing base! The Afra & Tobia Scarpa ‘Monk’ Chairs make for an unusual but surprisingly pleasing combination.

Table Lamp "Luna" by Gianemilio Piero and Anna MontiHow the hell did it take the western world only one generation to go from the exquisite Table Lamp “Luna” by Gianemilio Piero and Anna Monti, Italy, 1968 to this?

George Nakashima sofaWhen my mother and I arrived at this particular corner at Morentz, we were joined by one of their extremely knowledgable salespersons. He told us that the three designers behind these pieces all came from the same village in Pennsylvania. Or something. In any case, I wrote down the their names and here they are. Paul Evans is the man behind the Brutalist cabinet, George Nakashima designed the sofa and Michel Martens made that stunning mirror. If you look closely in the reflection, you see me wearing my bright blue jacket and my mother getting slightly bored.

Osvaldo Borsani dining room tableThe Osvaldo Borsani Round Marble Dining Table

is right on the edge of kitsch, just where my mother and I like it. And what about that sumptious Fratelli Turri Italian Sideboard in Marble and Mahogany? Hm-m!

Jorge Zalszupin "Petalas" Coffee Table in JacarandaOh look, another Jorge Zalszupin “Petalas” Coffee Table in Jacaranda! And can you imagine putting together the two halves of this Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Sectional White Leatherette Sofa?

Kwok Hoi Chan cowhide chairKwok this way! This Kwok Hoi Chan Cow Hide Tubular Chair for Steiner, Paris is probably a design you’d rather look at than actually sit in. But that’s okay!

Santa Fe sofaI’m not really sure if you could call this upholstery fabric Sante Fe, but there you go. My mother agreed wholeheartedly that this sofa was our favorite item at Morentz.

Seventies sofaThis ginormous sectional sofa comes complete with an AM/FM radio. It was a bit too 70s for our taste. My mother and I much preferred the Chandelier in Brass with Blue Colored Glass Shades. And will you check out the balls on that Playful Italian Coffee Table in Pine? 

Vintage table pad chairs at Morentz Whenever I see these writing pad chairs in American high school movies, I wonder how they’d work for left-handed people. Not very well, probably. These particular chairs at Morentz looked a lot more chique – especially with this Rare Valzania Grand Armoire in Parchment and Brass.

Gaetano Pesce for Zerodesigno 'Nobody's Perfect' Dining TableHighly impractical yet beautiful to look at – a bit like me! The top of Gaetano Pesce for Zerodesigno ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ Dining Table is basically a giant detachable placemat. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Chlacc dining room chairsHats off for this Pierre Chapo Set of Ten ‘Chlacc’ Dining Chairs, Model S45. The prize for the most unusual material goes to this Extendable 1930s Goatskin dining room table. 

Brass dining room tableThe legs of this dining room table need a TLC – nothing the restoration department at Morentz can’t handle. It’ll probably on 1stDibs as soon as they’re finished.

Michele de Lucchi 'La Festa' TableOh. My. LORD. This Michele de Lucchi ‘La Festa’ Table

is definitely high on the ‘Things I’d buy if I won the lottery’ list.

Hip bar cartCouldn’t find the bar cart online, but it did make me think of one of those mining carts in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Remember those? I did, however, manage to find the Vittorio Introini ‘Larissa’ Sofa for Saporiti.

plexiglass chairTucked away in a hidden corner, we found this beautiful plexiglass and leather chair.

Room divider vintage Time to leave! On our way out, my mother and I admired this beautiful room divider – one final item on our Morentz wish list. ¡Hasta la vista, baby!