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More Wanderlust, aka one of the hottest interior design trends of 2014

Time to keep my word! A while ago, I promised you I would get the full list of items that made up the amazing Wanderlust trend space by the Dutch Perscentrum Wonen at Elle Festival. Well, ladies and gentlemen…I got it! I’m going through the list with THE most important 2014 interior design trends as I’m writing this blogpost and let me tell you – I’m discovering some great new stuff that I can’t wait to share with you. Which isn’t exactly a surprise, since Wanderlust effortlessly combines the best current design with those exotic souvenirs you bring home with you from your trips to faraway places. So this is what I’m going to do. Over the next few days, I’ll visit the websites of each and every designer and then post one or two images that I particularly like. I’ve already looked at a few websites and I’m pretty sure they could make for some great design eye candy. So here goes!

Wanderlust – the list

This is the list that Perscentrum Wonen has sent me. Lots of great stuff to explore!

Wanderlust 2014 interior design trends


First on the list, Dutch designer Mina Abouzahra. I should probably announce her Oprah-style, because I really like her. So here goes…Mina AbouZAHraaaaaaaaaa! I’d never heard of her before to be honest, but I love her website and just about everything that’s on it. Great use of color, beautiful cushions and highly original painted and reupholstered Rietveld chairs.

Abouzahra /// Wanderlust 2014 interior design trends

Abouzahra Rietveld chair /// Wanderlust 2014 interior design trends


Anne-Claire Petit

More feel good Dutch design and great color schemes, this time from crochet queen Anne-Claire Petit. Generally, I’m not into kids stuff but I have to admit that crocheted turntable looks pretty darn cool!

Anne Claire Petit hondjeAnne-Claire Petit /// Wanderlust 2014 interior design trends Anne-Claire Petit /// Wanderlust 2014 interior design trends

 Vintage cactus by Gufram

Remember when cactuses were a microtrend last year? Well, the world has moved on – to vintage cactuses by Gufram. You can get yours at At well over 2,000 euro’s, I find them way too expensive – especially if you consider you can get a Maddnes Roman face for a fraction of the price. Hey, but who am I to say what you should do with your money?

Gufram Cactus Guido Drocco Franco Mello /// Wanderlust 2014 interior design trendsGufram Cactus Guido Drocco Franco Mello 02

Bonaparte Vintage carpet

Not much is known about this new Vintage carpet collection by Bonaparte. New vintage products generally don’t work I think, but this looks pretty cool. We’ll have to wait and see until it is released this fall!

Bonaparte Vintage /// Wanderlust 2014 interior design trends


I can’t say I’ve ever really, really wanted a specific ironing board but I guess there’s a first time for everything. With its Memphis-y meets Hay feel, this collection by Brabantia looks right on trend. I hope our cleaning lady feels the same way!

Coolest ironing board EVAH by BrabantiaCoolest ironing board EVAH by Brabantia

 Brit van Nerven and Sabine Mercelis

I have a bit of a thing for colored mirrors and so Seeing Glass by Brit van Nervan and Sabine Mercelis was right up my proverbial alley – especially with the added trend bonus of the optical illusion provided by the thickness of the design. I’ve added an unrelated image from the website just to show you how cool these designers are.

Brit van Nerven Brit_van_nerven_sabine_marcelis_tunnel_photo_Lee_wei_swee_LR


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