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Modefabriek SS13 Cruyff

Bold and gold on the outside, football luxury on the inside – that was the concept for the July 2012 Modefabriek exhibition stand which I designed for shoe and apparel brand Cruyff. The concept of the fence gave the stand an air of exclusivity and turned a lot of heads. The pattern, which includes elements of the Cruyff logo, was join effort with my colleague, designer Sun Jung Hwang.

Inside, I followed through on the elements I had previously incorporated in my design for the Cruyff showroom in Amsterdam: luxurious, expensive materials that provide a perfect backdrop for the amazing Cruyff collection.

Want to see more? Then be sure to check out this article on, the leading Dutch fashion industry trade website.

Modefabriek SS13 Cruyff Modefabriek SS13 Cruyff 2kopie Modefabriek SS13 Cruyff 3


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