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Modefabriek / Cruyff Classics

How do you present four totally different shoe brands on a seventy-five square meter surface at the visually very loud Modefabriek fair in Amsterdam? By physically separating them, I managed to give each brand enough space to breathe.

The colorful Cruyff Classics brand provided me with another dilemma: Should I choose a neutral background and let the shoes speak for themselves or create a background that would somehow augment the qualities of the collection. I chose the latter and together with the wonderful graphic designer and colleague Sun Jung Hwang we created a luxurious, vibrant skyscraper pattern with a daring color pattern to highlight the already beautiful Cruyff shoes.

modefabriek oerversie 1


Overview of the entire stand

Cruyff oerversie 1


Early version of the Cruyff Classics part of the stand

Cruyff oerversie 2


Second version of the Cruyff Classics stand including the color pattern



Final version

Cruyff oerversie 3

Color scheme in Sketchup



Final version

Cruyff oerversie 4


Color scheme in Sketchup



FInal version



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