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Mirror, mirror on the wall…which one is the coolest of them all?

You don’t need a fortune to decorate with style. All you need is a good nose for vintage finds and a little patience. I’m almost done painting my hallway (I ended up using a Histor color called Majeur by the way) and so now is the time to start decorating. I already got this WAY over the top fake porcelain lamp for 20 euro’s and a nice carpet for only 25 euro’s. Pretty good score, right? I’ve been looking for a mirror and since I don’t want to spend too much money, I decided to take the vintage route and look for something on Dutch second-hand shopping site Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Whenever I start browsing a site like Marktplaats, I go in with an open mind. I save everything I like to my favorites and then after an hour or so I look back amazed at how price doesn’t mean a thing. I can be just as happy with a 9 euro Pink Panther mirror as with a 125 euro antique mirror from Kent – so guess which one I ended up buying.

PS: A useful decorating tip I picked up during the workshop I did with Abigail Ahern earlier this year – make sure that you hang something interesting like a painting or a poster opposite the mirror, like this. Now that I think of it, that tip isn’t going to work with the Pink Panther mirror I got. Guess I have to get another one now…

17 Oude:Antieke gouden barok:kuifspiegels

Someone is selling their entire collection of mirrors…looks pretty cool!

Antieke koperen krul spiegel

The baroque mirror from Kent – it’s only 20x30cm, so a lot smaller than you’d think.

Art deco salamander spiegel

The seller of this mirror describes it as art déco…it is though? In any case, it’s a steal at only 10 euro’s.


Blondie spiegel van de jaren 70

Ah yes, Debbie Harry!


Decoratie wandspiegel met messing lijst

This colored mirror with a palm tree made me laugh out loud.


een spiegel poselijn met engelen

650 euro’s for THIS?


leuke spiegel met houten rand

What an odd mirror – only 10 euro”s though!


Mid Century Modern Messing Spiegel Retro

250 euro’s for this Mid-Century modern mirror…sound reasonable?

Verzameling 12 echt zilveren antieke handspiegels

Another mirror collection for sale!


sarah kay spiegel

Too kitschy, perhaps!

Retro Spiegel van de 70's met geschilderde Clown

Anyone afraid of clowns?

Retro spiegel met verlichting

This backlit Seventies mirror might look pretty good.

Pink Panter spiegel schilderij van 1984 kopie


My favorite!


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