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Minale Maeda opening at Galerie Vivid

Remind yourself to check out next year’s edition of the Guinness Book of World Records – I’m going to be in it under ‘shortest appearance at an art opening’. It was almost literally in and out at the Minale Maeda opening at Galerie Vivid in Rotterdam. Countless chores had to be done at home but then again I could not not go, since I got the opportunity to interview the Minale half of talented duo of designers last week at their studio (but more about that next week). It’s amazing that I get to interview all these great designers on the strength of my own blog Interiorator and not just for my Living & Design page on the website of Dutch department store de Bijenkorf.

What you see underneath this blogpost is an animated gif made by yours truly that features the spinning Zoetrope Bench that Galerie Vivid commissioned. I have to admit I was a bit weary when the gallery owner told me that the pattern represented the four seasons of the year. After all, if there is one theme that has been done to death (and then some) it must me the four seasons. Someone even invented a pizza with that theme, so that should tell you something. Anyway, back to the Zoetrope Bench! As you can see it is truly a thing of beauty – it goes from the tree buds of spring, to summer, then falling leaves and back to spring again. Definitely a sight to behold.

I was also grateful that I finally, finally got to see the Slideshow mirror. I’d already seen this fantastic new monochromatic mirror in a couple of magazines and let me tell you, this thing is even more stunning in real life. Definitely a worthy successor to the gradient mirror Minale Maeda designed as well (I didn’t even know them when I photographed their work last summer at Droog Amsterdam – how about that!).

So, I’ve got another busy week ahead of me but you won’t hear me complaining! I’m going over for dinner at food stylist Alexandra’s home tonight – don’t forget to check out her excellent blog  Serve With Cream  by the way. Tomorrow I’m meeting designer and good friend Ingrid Robers and Thursday is the opening party of Elle Inside Design. Phew!

Funny coincidence by the way: I usually write my blogposts on the morning train to Amsterdam and I just passed the office of media company Sanoma – home of the BlogToday network that Interiorator is part of. Hi, Kirsten and Erika – talk to you soon!

Minale Maeda


Minale Maeda Minale Maeda


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