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Mark your calendar for Salon Residence!

Mark your calendar! The first edition of Salon Residence is coming up and it is promising to be one hell of a design event  – especially considering that this is only their first edition! For those of your outside the Netherlands, Residence is one of my favorite interior design magazines. It’s high-end but not stuffy, it has some of the best styling around and last, but by no means least, it recently featured an interview I did with French designer Hubert le Gall!

Home of Salon Residence will be the prestigious Singer Museum in the Dutch town of Laren, which is about half an hour from Amsterdam. In the museum, twenty of the best interior designers of the Netherlands will each decorate a room. Needless to say, good old Jan des Bouvrie will be there. Luckily, there’s also room for new talent such as Thijs Murré and Framework. What will make Salon Residence really stand out, however, is an excellent four-day program of lectures, workshops and interviews. I guess we’ll all have to call in sick at work (just kidding of course)!

You can visit Salon Residence from Thursday, September 10 until Sunday, September 13. I’ll see you there! Oh and, don’t forget to order your tickets in advance!

Salon Residence announcement


Kamer 465 at Salon Residence /// More on Interiorator.comThe entrance of the Singer Museum will be decorated by Kamer 465 – can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with!

Sascha Faase and Framework at Salon Residence /// More on Interiorator.comInterior by Sascha Faase and Framework, who will decorate one of the twenty rooms of the Singer Museum


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