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Liza Minnelli’s apartment is FAB!

I want you to close your eyes. No questions. Just close them. And then I want you to think about what Liza Minnelli’s New York apartment would like. Done? Now open your eyes and look at these pictures. Uncanny, right? At least, that’s what I thought when I took a virtual tour of Liza with a Z’s apartment this morning. It looks exactly like I thought it would – Andy Warhol paintings, one thousand oversized white sofa’s and a brass coffee table. In one word: it’s FAB. And you could do worse than check out the website of decorator Timothy McDonald, the genius behind this classic NY interior.

I learned all this and more on, my latest online discovery. This website is a veritable treasure trove when it comes to over the top (and sometimes not so over the top) New York apartments. Did you know for example that Kathleen Turner has just unloaded the decorating disaster that is her condo in the Trump Tower? And that Julianne Moore has a compound in Montauk? It all sounds so deliciously American, doesn’t it? One piece of disconcerting news, however – some Saudi prince has bought Joan Rivers’ penthouse and is planning on gutting it completely. And you thought all that mindless destruction at Palmyra was bad!

liza-minnelli-ny-apartment-at-the-imperial-hosue liza-minnelli-ny-apartment-at-the-imperial-house-2 liza-minnelli-ny-apartment-at-the-imperial-house-3 liza-minnelli-ny-apartment-at-the-imperial-house-4 liza-minnelli-ny-apartment-at-the-imperial-house-8imperial-house


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