As I sit on the morning train to Amsterdam, I decide to play a little joke on my husband, who is still at home. I take out my phone, open the Nest app and set the temperature to 30 degrees Celcius. Moments later I get a text message: Are you turning our living room into a sauna? It’s my first time playing around with the Nest thermostat and I’m loving it already!

In the weeks after that utterly hilarious prank, I put my Nest thermostat to a more serious test. And I’m going to share my experiences with you right here on in three glorious blogposts that ALSO feature images from a mini makeover of my living room slash dining room. Before I start though, allow me to tell you the basics about Nest.

Nest thermostat

So here it is, the Nest thermostat in all its glory. And as you can see, it is a huge improvement in the looks department over my old thermostat. Which wasn’t very old now that I think of it – but it did have an incomprehensible digital display that I never ever bothered to get the hang of. And you know what? I’m sure I’ve wasted hundreds of euro’s in these last few years hanging on to the damn thing.

Enter Nest! This thermostat doesn’t only look great, it’s also really sophisticated. You can operate it with an app – and because it’s connected to the internets, you don’t even have to be home to turn it up or down. How about that! But wait…there is more! The Nest thermostat is so unbelievably clever, it can actually predict when you get up or when you’re about to come home. Curious? I know I was!

_D719893sI love it how the Nest thermostat doesn’t steal attention away from the art on my dining room wall. Sidenote: in case you’re wondering…I’m probably not going to keep all the artworks that I’ve borrowed from Kunstuitleen Rotterdam! But I do like to take them before a little test drive so to speak before I make my final selection.

Ganesha statueSomething old, something new! I was never a big fan of this Ganesha statute, but once I put it on the ultrakitschy pillar I found on the street a while ago it suddenly looked pretty cool!

Next week I’m going to tell you more about the how you can teach the Nest thermostat to turn itself up or down without actually having to program it. If you can’t wait, check out the Nest website to find out how this thing works. 

Photography: Jurgen Wielaard / Wielaard Photography