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Lindsay Milne McLeod

Sometimes I open up a magazine and see a photo series that is so completely ME! Those moments are exhilarating and frustrating at the same time. I wish I could have thought of that, I invariably think!

When I saw set designer Lindsay Milne McLeod’s spread in the new Case da Abitare, I had one of those moments. Unfortunately, it is not online yet. Until it is, there’s always the rest of her ridiculously beautiful portfolio to drool over.

Lindsay Milne 01


From: A Matter of Perspective / Photography: Dan Tobin Smith

Lindsay Milne 02


From: Strung Out / Photography: Dan Tobin Smith

Lindsay Milne 03


From: Fit Cub / Photography: Rick Guest

Lindsay Milne 04


From: Bloomsbury / Photography: Matthew Donaldson


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