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Let’s Enjoy Good Taste with this Iittala giftbox

I thought finding the perfect gift for design lovers can be pretty challenging – until I realized this new Iittala giftbox is just the solution.

You’re probably like me when it comes to buying gifts for friends and family. You genuinely try to find something special, you fail and you end up with one of those bland gift certificates or a postcard with some cash tucked inside. Well, those days are now over with three new Iittala giftboxes.

My friends will tell you that Iittala has been one of my favorite brands for years now. I started with Ego coffee cups and plates way back in 2003 and have added to my Iittala collection throughout the years. In fact, now that I think of it, I lost count of the number of Kivi candle holders I have here in my living room and even in my bedroom.

Lets enjoy good taste with this Iittala giftbox! Details on

And so you can imagine how happy I was when Iittala asked me to tell you about the three new giftboxes they have just released, called A Toast to Us, Let’s Enjoy Good Taste and Light up Your Life. Each giftbox has a different theme and because I love tapas and pintxos, I thought I’d try Let’s Enjoy Good Taste. The box itself is simply beautiful and will no doubt look great under the christmas tree (yes, I’m going to give it to someone I’ve been very close to this year – but more about that in December). Anyway, Let’s Enjoy Good Taste includes three Kastehelmi dewdrop bowls, matching napkins and a Vitrini wooden tray. Like all of Iittala products, they represent the best of Finnish design.

Lets enjoy good taste with this Iittala giftbox! Details on

Now as you can see, the Let’s Enjoy Good Taste giftbox is just great if you want to serve a snack in style – sweet or savory. I’ve been moving toward a vegan diet this year and so the next time you’re coming over to the Interiorator residence, we’re probably going to start dinner you a selection of vegan tapas that includes walnuts, green olives and black vegetable chips.

Lets enjoy good taste with this Iittala giftbox - and a vintage Hello Dolly poster! Details on

And as long as you’re here, why don’t you stay after dinner so that we can watch an old Hollywood movie together and enjoy a miniature chocolate liqueur bottle – or two.

Iittala giftboxes

Isn’t great to spend an evening with the people who are dearest to you? This December, show your love them by surprising them with an Iittala giftbox. You will not only give a beautiful gift, but you will also get them started on a new collection of timeless design that will last them a lifetime.

Order your giftbox right now on and let me know in the comments section or on the Iittala Facebook page what you got.

Iittala giftbox let's enjoy good taste

PS: I’m very proud to bring you this Iittala advertorial! 





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