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Le Comptoir Général – or: What’s my Style?

I’ve been wondering lately – what’s my style? A lot people come up to me and tell me how recognizable they find Interiorator. Which is very nice to hear of course, but in my head I can be all over the place taste-wise. One day I’m into Pierre Cardin furniture and the next I’m into the hipster shabby style of Le Comptoir Général. Doesn’t seem to make much sense, does it? Still, when I look at all the stuff I’ve been blogging about over the last two year (over four hundred blogposts and counting) it does look slightly more coherent. Lots of color obviously, over the top style and great concepts -that’s Interiorator in a nutshell.

Anyway, enough about me. Le Comptoir Géneral in Paris describes itself as „an art museum dedicated to ghetto culture”. I’m not feeling it yet – judging by the pictures, it looks more like a very tasteful selection of thrift store furniture – but I’m thinking of going to Paris again next spring and I’m definitely going to check this place out.

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