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Lancia TrendVisions Trendwall

Remember that three-part documentary last year about Joanna Lumley’s quest for the origins of the Nile? And how – spoiler alert! – in the end she finds this muddy little underground stream and is totally fascinated by it? When I looked at Lancia TrendVisions updated Trendwall page this morning, I felt just like Joanna at the end of her search – except, of course, I found the origins not of the Nile but of all of all the cool pictures on the internet. The Lancia Trendwall is the non plus ultra of pretty pictures and puts everything everyone has ever put up on Pinterest to shame. And that includes me. (I’m more of a Tumblr guy anyway!)

I’ve included a few pictures for you as evidence and as you can see this small selection alone should give you at least a dozen visual ideas for your own projects.

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Lancia 09 Lancia TrendVisions 08 Lancia TrendVisions 07 Lancia TrendVisions 04 Lancia TrendVisions 03 Lancia TrendVisions 02 Lancia TrendVisions 01

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