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Rent your art at Kunstuitleen Rotterdam

I’ve probably been one of the best customers of the Kunstuitleen Rotterdam – after all, the concept is perfect: you rent a work of art for a couple of euro’s a month and when you grow tired of it, you just return it. Not sure if this is typical Dutch phenomenon or not, but I thought it’d be nice to share with you. I’ve included some of my favorite works of the moment – and the best news is, they’re all available! If you become a member for just 12 euro’s a year, all these works can be reserved online. How’s that for convenience?

PS: I’ve rented some cool works for the hallway I’m still working on. And no, I haven’t finished it yet, in case you we’re wondering! But yes, I will start again soon and I will keep you posted on the Interiorator Facebook page. For now, I’m going to soak up the sun.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Kunstuitleen Rotterdam


CJC Lampe

Kunstuitleen Rotterdam

Marian Breedveld

Kunstuitleen Rotterdam

Maurice Braspenning


M. de Jager


Justin Wijers


B. Kemps


Erik Matthijsen


Gé van der Sterren


R.J. Maliangkay


J. Wouda


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