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King Charles II pops up in Rotterdam

I love a good old glass of gin and tonic in the summertime. In fact, the best gin and tonic I had ever had was last summer in Madrid. And yes, I’m using the past perfect tense because thanks to Fever-Tree Premium Tonic and Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin I now have a brand new favorite!

Ending our unforgettable time in Spain with gin and tonics (and some candy) before we head back to the airport.

Een foto die is geplaatst door Interiorator (@therealinteriorator) op

Cinnamon gin and tonic in Madrid is so last year!

You see, I went to the King Charles II last night, a new botanical pop-up bar in Rotterdam located on the floor above Restaurant De Engel. And for those in the know, that used to be the location of Herman den Blijker’s gentlemen’s society (urgh, I know). Out went the stuffy interior, in came a refreshingly cool concept with lots of vintage chairs, plants and one very cool looking emerald green sofa.

King Charles II will be open every weekend in June. Because this is going to be one popular location, you can book a table in advance on

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