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Julien Rademaker joins Curated – and I place my first order!

Did you hear the good news? The incredibly, crazily fantastically good news?  Julien Rademaker, joint the team last week. For those of you who are now looking emptily at their screen and thinking: wait a second, who joint what? – allow me to take care of that question mark hovering over your head! Julien Rademaker curated You see, Julien is the man behind one of my favorite Dutch blogs, called On his blog, Julien posts pictures of vintage design items he finds on,  a second-hand trading website that is the Dutch equivalent of Craigslist. It’s one of those super simple concepts that make you think: why the f*ck didn’t I think of this first? and works like crazy because Julien has impeccable taste. Which is exactly why he is the perfect new member of – a team of Dutch experts on design, lifestyle, literature and art that sends its subscribers a specially selected gift each quarter. Pretty cool concept, huh? I’ve been meaning to join for a while and as I’m writing this blogpost I’ve gone ahead and started a subscription to Julien as my curator! So Mr. Marktplaats, congratulations on your new job and I can’t wait to find out what insanely original gift you’re going to send me on July, 15th!  I’ll let everyone know as soon as I receive it. PS: I almost forgot – I dedicated a blogpost to my little get together with Julien last year – here it is!


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