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Joel Sternfeld – First Pictures

These Seventies pictures by Joel Sternfeld should provide you with ample inspiration – whether you’re looking for vintage color combinations, Seventies Americana or just some incredibly cool yet melancholic photography.

Oh and by the way – I’ve been writing a lot of non-interior blogposts over the last couple of days. But don’t worry! There’s plenty of cool interior stuff coming up next week!

.Joel Sternfeld AtTheMall_016_CD0 AtTheMall_020_CD0 NagsHead_001_CD0 NagsHead_003_CD0 NagsHead_005_CD0 NagsHead_030_CD0 RushHour_001_CD0 RushHour_023_CD0 SweetieFace_012_CD0 SweetieFace_017_CD0 SweetieFace_039_CD0 SweetieFace_043_CD0


All pictures via Luhring Augustine


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