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Jim Dow, photographer of the America I wish I’d been to


Having grown up in the Seventies, I have a lot of distant memories of all the Hollywood movies I saw at the time. My dad took me to movies like Rollercoaster or Close Encounters of the Third Kind and  afterwards I always wanted to be in America so much! And now here we are in 2014 and I’m feeling nostalgic for a place I’ve been to lots of times by now –  but not at the time I wanted to most. To me, these pictures by photographer Jim Dow perfectly capture that ersatz nostalgia. Looking at them from the perspective the little Dutch boy I was, America looked like a parallel universe in which everything was there but looked different – cars, advertising signs, amusement parks. Which reminds me, I have this big plastic bag of unsorted pictures I took during all those loooong trips through the States I used to make. Time to go through them and find that picture of Pat’s Steaks in Philadelpia on New Year’s Day 1997  – I’ll let you know if I find it back.

PS: If you like this sort of thing, you might want to take a look at these pictures of Anchorage in the Seventies by Stephen Cysewski – one of the first blogposts I ever wrote and still a favorite.

Source: Robert Klein Gallery




Jim Dow Orleans Burger Joint at Night

Orleans Burger Joint at Night, New Orleans, LA, 1980

JIm Dow photographer /// Interiorator

Dairy Queen – source

Jim Dow Pat's Drive In /// Interiorator


Pat’s Drive-In, Tucson, AZ, 1980

Jim Dow Taco Truck El Mar Azul /// Interiorator

Taco Truck El Mar Azul, Cypress Park, Los Angeles, California, 2008

Jim Dow Sign for Gas Station

Sign for Gas Station, Henry Hines Blvd., US 77, Dallas, TX, 1979

Jim Dow Town Diner

Town Diner, Route 16, Watertown, MA, 1979

Jim Dow Zummo's Market /// Interiorator

Zummo’s Market, Airline Highway, Metarie, LA, 1979

Rawlings Little Pig BBQ  /// Interiorator

Rawlings Little Pig BBQ, St. Petersburg, VA, 1988

Real Blue Ribbon Bar-B-Q, Roue 2A, Arlington, MA, 2000

Real Blue Ribbon Bar-B-Q, Roue 2A, Arlington, MA, 2000





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