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Jenny Holzer – Marquees

Picture it. New York City, 1993. Pimps, pushers and prostitutes ruled 42nd Street. The Disneyfication of the entire Times Square District was already on the horizon. And just before the old movie theaters were torn down, artist Jenny Holzertemporarily took over the marquees with her ‘truisms’. Sadly – or luckily, depending on your point of view – these oneliners were only up for a couple of months before work began to turn the entire neighborhood into ultra-safe tourist playground.

American blogger Don Shewey recently found back the pictures he took at the time. I can look at them for hours and still be amazed at how totally different The Deuce looked back then!

marquees-1 marquees-2 marquees-3 marquees-4 marquees-5 marquees-6 marquees-7 marquees-8 marquees-9 marquees-10 marquees-11 marquees-12


Here’s a short movie clip of what he area used to look like:



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