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It’s official! Plants for men are a thing now

What is it with plants that they are making such a comeback in our interiors this year? I wrote about the wonders the ivy plant did for my living room a while ago. And I’m sure you remember the ficus ginseng I gave to my friend Oliver for the official opening of his Olismoke AirBnB. Plants are where it’s at – or rather plants for men is where it’s at. Gents, it’s true! Plants increase your sex appeal. And yes, this intrepid male interior design blogger has all the details to back up his claim!

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It’s not how big it is. It’s how you use it. Your plant, that is. Dutch website recently asked market research mavericks Multiscope to do some very thorough research about plants for men. Turns out that about half of all they men they interviewed think that plants contribute to a healthy and cosy environment at home. And needless to say, men tend to like plants that are low maintenance (women also like low maintenance plants so no surprises there). Oh, and did you know that most men decide which plants they buy at their local florist or gardening center? How about that! The plants we see at our friends’ homes also play a big part, BTW. Now, the living room is the place we use plants the most. Although one in three men also has a plant in their kitchen as well (including yours truly). Finally, bedrooms are great for many things – but no so much for plants. And talking about bedrooms…research shows that plants for men definitely increase your sex appeal.

Vitamine Plant for men!

Now, to inspire the modern man of 2015, is launching a new concept called Vitamine Plant for Men – a selection of extremely masculine plants presented in vintage apothecary pots. If you’re wondering which masculine and low maintenance plants made the proverbial cut – it’s the Ficus ‘Anouk’, the Coffea arabica, the Agave, the Myrtillocactus and the Sarracenia.

 And boy, am I glad I learned Latin in high school now!

Vitamine plant for men /// Read more about plants for men on

Anyhow, you can find these plants at Hutspot Amsterdam – but for one week only, alas. Lucky for you, I’m going to show you next week how I’m incorporating Vitamine Plant for Men in my own living room, so stay tuned for that gripping saga.

Oh and…one last question before I sign off for the day. Which plant makes your home irresistable to the ladies? Share your opinion on Facebook, on Twitter using the hashtag #vitamineplant or on Instagram @thejoyofplants with the hashtag #vitamineplant.




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