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Interior Junkie is back in town

Whenever I start typing the URL of my blog in the address bar of my browser, Interiorator is not the first result that comes up – instead it’s Interior Junkie – the blog by my good friend Elisah Jacobs. I guess that means I’m still addicted to all the great stuff she posts. So, after living it up on Ibiza the one and only Elisah J. is back home in rainy Amsterdam and she did some very cool shopping at Sluiz. That shore would be reason enough to go to Ibiza – well to me, at least. Check out the pictures Elisah took and you’ll understand what I mean. I’ve collected my favorite pictures from Interior Junkie’s other blogposts of the last couple of days – I hope you like them as much as I do.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me – it’s work, work work for Mr. Kooiman but I don’t mind. First,  I have some great news to share with you. A while ago I was asked by Dutch magazine Margriet along with three other bloggers to write about interior design trends. We did a photoshoot together with stylist Kristel de Jong that turned out very well. The article will be coming out in the first week of October, so I’m definitely going to be bragging about it by then. Margriet is one of the biggest magazines in the Netherlands, so you can imagine how happy I am! I’m also going to be doing an interview for the magazine supplement of Belgian newspaper De Standaard about interior design trends. I’m not really sure when it’s coming out – shouldn’t be too long, though. And last but not least I’m working on this really cool project for Dutch paint producer Histor (thank you Sanoma!) In short: It’s all happening! See you tomorrow morning and enjoy your Friday!

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  1. Great stuff going on for you Patrick! Cool! You deserve it 🙂 xx

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