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I’m still here (in D flat)

Hi there. Remember me? I’m the blogger who was one of the keynote speakers at Elle Decoration Live last month. The blogger who took the number one spot in the Dutch Top 50 Most Inspiring Interior Design Blogs. And the blogger who apparently needed a break without realizing it. Yes, I’m the blogger who more or less took a month off to just give it a rest already. But don’t worry – I’m still here. Reporting for duty to give the world another year of Just like last December, I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to go on or just call it quits. The thing is, I slowly started realizing that I’m done with a lot of things that used to make all that vapid fast-paced blogging a lot of fun. And in the process, I’ve discovered that what I really want to do is more in-depth stuff. Long-form articles, interviews and original photography. Which all sounds fine and dandy if you ignore the fact that BIG articles take more time than writing those effing clickbait listicles that seem to have taken over the internet. The five best this and thats, the ten hottest such and so’s…Stick a fork in me, I’m done with that shit.

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Don’t get me wrong though. I may have had quite a lot on my plate last year, but I still have an undying passion for everything that has to do with interior design. With spaces that make me go capital W-O-W. With all the designers that make leave me in total awe of their work. And you know what? Right now, I feel like banging an imaginery piano just like Shirley Maclaine did in Postcards from the Edge, proudly proclaim:I’m still here! and  then just get on with Interiorator already. The show must go on. So there. I’m still here. In D Flat.


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