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I’m having a Moment

I won the New Blogger Award at the VT Wonen Meet the Blogger Awards yesterday – and it was all a blur. The surprise of seeing my husband Patrick when I arrived at Westerliefde in Amsterdam, the anticipation, trying to temper my hope and then it was there….I won! Nice words from the jury report, instantly forgotten, the congratulations by the all the other bloggers, the prize that my good friend Desiree from VosgesParis won (gefeliciteerd!),  the trip back home to Rotterdam, calling my parents, reading all the tweets… It’s all a blur.

This morning, however, while waiting on the train to Amsterdam I had A Moment. There I was, on the platform, thinking about all the good things that had just happened and the beautiful day that I had ahead of me with my students. The intro of Head over Heels by Tears for Fears was playing on my phone and I realized I was Happy in the Now. I have those Moments from time to time and when I once told a psychologist friend of mine about them, he said that it’s a rare occasion when the Id, Ego and Superego all come together. In other words, you are your ideal self. I never forgot that and so whenever I’m having A Moment, I remind myself to take a picture of it. And here it is.

Having a Moment




  1. Lekker gevoel! Blijven genieten.

  2. What a great idea to take a photo on those special occasions! I’ll try to remember that! But the reason I wanted to leave a comment: CONGRATS on winning the award at Meet The Blogger! Too bad I had to miss it, due to poor scheduling on my part, would have loved to have been there. Enjoy the afterglow of your “victory”! x. Maria

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