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I’m blogging LIVE from Woonbeurs Amsterdam

What a weird and exciting day! I’m blogging live from the Woonbeurs interior design fair in Amsterdam at the moment. Which means I’ll be running back and forth from whatever part of the fair I’m blogging about and then to the huge bloggers’ table right in the middle of Design City. Anyway, I was more than curious about the entrance area this year. You see I applied for a job at Woonbeurs earlier this year and part of the selection process was an assignment in which the candidates had to design the entrance. I didn’t come up with the winning design, unfortunately, but I have to say that the design that did win looks GREAT. So there! As you can see the entrance features this fantastic-looking black wooden podium with a DJ and a jeans workshop where a team of seamstresses make these great denim throw pillow covers.

And then the weirdest thing happened right after I sat down to write this blogpost! A woman wearing EXACTLY the same Tom Ford glasses walked by. Now, I’d never seen anyone wearing my glasses so of course I had to run to this extremely stylish creature to ask if she’d pose for a picture with me. Ha!

Woonbeurs entree 03 Woonbeurs entree 04Woonbeurs entree 01 Woonbeurs brillen 02 klein


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