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I tested Hästens and all I got was a good night’s sleep

I’m an expert sleeper. I am! And so when I was asked to spend a night at the Amsterdam Canal Hotel to test a Hästens mattress, I knew I’d be perfect for the job.

Hastens mattress at the Amsterdam Canal Hotel

Think about it. You spend nearly a third of your life in bed, at least I know I do! It is the place each new day starts when the alarm rings. The place you long for oh, so very much when you walk home in the freezing cold after a good night out. And of course it’s the place where you were conceived – conceivably!

Now, as anyone who knows me will gladly confirm I spend a lot of time in bed. Well, not a lot – but let’s say, more than the average person. I often go to bed early, either to read a magazine or to listen to my favorite podcasts. And did you know I can fall asleep whenever I want to? If Hästens were looking for the ideal tester, it would have to be me.

The entrance of the Canal Hotel in Amsterdam

I arrived at the Amsterdam Canal Hotel on a Friday afternoon. It had been a long day at work and so a short nap sounded like an appealing option, especially when I checked into my room and found the famous Hästens bed luring me with its signature checquered pattern and layers upon layers of delicious softness.

Layer upon layer of Hastens comfort


Thankfully, I was able to resist temptation. Instead, I went out for dinner, had a drink at the Vault Bar at the Waldorf Astoria and walked around town a bit. And then, the moment was there. I went back to the hotel, slipped into my complimentary bathrobe, laid down, turned on the TV and Zzzzz…there I went, straightaway, off to dreamland on an extremely comfortable, luxurious Hästens mattress. I feel kind of embarrassed that i can’t give you any more details except that I got a really, really good night’s sleep. And isn’t that in the end the mattress matter that matters most?

Do you want to test a Hästens mattress for one night? Sure you do! Go to Hä for all the details. And if you’re looking for a great boutique hotel in Amsterdam, be sure to check out the lovely Canal Hotel. It’s situated on Weteringschans and is within walking distance of the major sights.

My Hastens mattress and complimentary bathrobe at the Amsterdam Canal Hotel

The Hästens mattress and complimentary bathrobe luring me in

Desk area at the Amsterdam Canal Hotel  

The rooms at the Canal Hotel feature some great design combinations.

Nachtwacht mural at the Amsterdam Canal Hotel  

Isn’t this mural ust the sort of thing you’d expect from a boutique hotel in Amsterdam?

View from a hotel room at the Amsterdam Canal Hotel

The view from my room in the morning. If you look closely, you can see a group of Zwarte Pieten practicing their little dance. 






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