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House of Ababa at Object Rotterdam

How dim-witted can you be? I got home last Thursday night after a visit to the Object Rotterdam Art Fair, started editing the pictures I took and THEN found out that the ‘Probleme de Luxe’ sign I liked so much actually said ‘Porbleme de Luxe’. Brillaint! The sign was part of House of Ababa’s temporary home on the 30th floor of the new De Rotterdam building and it was by far my favorite part of the fair. It was cool, accessible and had a sense of humor without trying too hard – especially the melting disco balls by Rotganzen.  You can visit the House of Ababa apartment until Sunday. After that, you can of course also visit their permanent store on Rotterdam’s Witte de Withstraat.


House of Ababa 02b House of Ababa 06 House of Ababa 05 Object Rotterdam /// Interiorator Object Rotterdam /// Interiorator House of Ababa 03


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