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Histor 101 Karakters – Step 2: So Far, So Good

Painter man, painter man, who wants to be a painter man? God, I love that Boney M. song! I spent most of my nights last week painting my Histor 101 Karakters cabinet. The competition may be over, but I thought it would be nice to give you an update and to do an honest review of what it’s like to paint with Histor Perfect Finish.

As you can see, my design has stripes. A lot of stripes that take a lot of time to paint – which, of course, I had to find out the hard way. Things started out promising enough. First a big thumbs up for the new square paint containers. I can finally lay to rest my old screwdriver that I often used to open the old-fashioned round pots that are still used by all other paint brands. But best of all, with the new design, there’s no more spilling once you get the hang of it. Which saved me a lot of time, considering I had decided on twelve different colors. Most of you probably have switched by now to acrylic water-based paint. And if you haven’t you really should. It’s a lot easier to use, it washes off your hands pretty quickly and you no longer need thinner to clean your brushes. I found out what a big difference all of this made when I decided to use an old pot of bright orange Brand X alkyd paint for the inside of the cabinet. That stuff is nasty! It took ages to dry and I had to use half a bottle of thinner to get the paint off my hands. So, long story short – Acrylic paint: Woohoo! Alkyd paint: Yuk!

I got some really expensive but perfect pink Tesa tape for the stripes. Thirty-eight millimeters wide so the perfect width for my design. I put on the tape, painted two layers and then took off the tape the following day. Big mistake, or so I thought. As you can see in the second picture, the edges did not look very nice at first. But, true to form, I kept on going and my stripes now look razor sharp. The trick is not to use too much paint and to take off the tape right after you finished. I’m going to finish everything tomorrow morning and then hopefully by Sunday afternoon everything will be ready to photograph and share with you.

Enjoy your Saturday night!



Histor update zaterdag 01  Histor update zaterdag 03Histor update zaterdag 02


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  1. Most people know Boney M.’s Painter man song, but I remember that song from a music group called The Creation in 1967 (omg, am I really that old?). But I must say I like the Boney M. version more!
    Nice cabinet, looking forward for the final result!!

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