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Halston Gucci Fiorucci!

It’s August and obviously not much is happening in the exciting world of interior design. And so I thought I’d have a little fun and put together a blogpost inspired by He’s the Greatest Dancer by Sisters Sledge. Halston Gucci Fiorucci!


Halston’s New York town house

Where oh where would we be without the internet? Stuff like Halston’s New York town house would remain buried in the pages of a Seventies magazine in the archives of some library – but now it’s all available for everyone to enjoy. An excellent place to read all about the home of this eccentric New York fashion designer is the apparently defunct Doug and Gene Meyer blog.  If you venture over there, be sure to check out this blogpost about the Longue Vue Installation. Niiiice! 

Halston Gucci Fiorucci! The Halston Town House /// More on Halston Town House in New York City Fashion designer Halston in his New York City townhouse Fashion designer Halston in his New York City townhouse Halston and his servant

 The Gucci Cadillac

At some point in the Seventies, Gucci thought it would be a splendid idea to work together with Cadillac to release a special edition of the Seville. There were several models and colors – here’s what I found on the internets.


Halston Gucci Fiorucci! Cadillac Seville Gucci edition 1979

Halston Gucci Fiorucci! The 1979 Cadillac Seville by Gucci

The Fiorucci Beverly Hills store

Very few pictures of the legendary Fiorucci store in Beverly Hills can be found online – but luckily there’s that All Over the World song by ELO that was filmed on location for Xanadu. Now, for those of you who don’t know Fiorucci, first let me say: Shame on you! And then let me refer you to the Fiorucci Wikipedia entry (I’m in a bit of a hurry) and this insanely rare and expensive Fiorucci book. Oh and don’t forget to take a look at this ancient blogpost I wrote eons ago about the Fiorucci store in New York City with a hilarious video featuring Klaus Nomi.

Halston Gucci Fiorucci! A scene from Xanadu filmed at the Fiorucci store in Beverly HIlls


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