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Groninger Museum – the highlights

It’s hard nowadays to not reduce the art you see in a museum to one big 3D Pinterest board. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this. Still, I’d like you to see my personal favorites from the excellent Groninger Museum in the town of Groningen. I was there in April 2013 and was duly impressed by the by now vintage looking design by Alessandro Mendini. Equally impressive was the recent update by Jaime Hayon – tres nice! And of course let’s not forget all the art and design on display.

BTW, I noticed how I look at art much more superficially than I did a couple of years ago. Should that make me feel guilty? I don’t know. After all, there is so much stuff to see on the internet every day. What about you? Let me know what you think!

The famous Alessandro Mendini staircase at the Groninger Museum 01

Groninger Museum 02 An update of the Groninger Museum by Jaime Hayon 04 Jaime Hayon updates the Groninger Museum 05 GroningerMuseum 07 GroningerMuseum 09 GroningerMuseum 12 Loving this pink and salmon color combo at the Groninger Museum 14 Designer staircase at the GroningerMuseum 15 Fashion design at the Groninger Museum 16 Groninger Museum 17 Groninger Museum 18 Groninger Museum 19 GroningerMuseum 20














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