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Tadaaa….my new bedroom starring Graham & Brown Knightsbridge Flock Russet wallpaper!

Can a change of wallpaper change the way you live at home? If you had asked me that question a year ago, I would have laughed in your face – very, very hard. But here I am, it’s 2017 and I am a changed man – thanks to the new Graham & Brown Knightsbridge Flock Russet wallpaper in my bedroom. This is my story and I ain’t ashamed to tell it.

You can order Knightsbridge Flock Russet – and many other exciting wallpaper patterns – online from the Graham & Brown webshop.

Up until recently, my bedroom was, well… a downright mess. Sure, it looked pretty nice when it was featured in Dutch interior design magazine vtwonen back in the day. But then again, very few items in the photo actually belonged to me. That red and magenta chequered bedspread? Had to go back to its designer Fransje Killaars. And that bright yellow table? Borrowed from Maddnes. Even the beautiful copper vase was *cough* on loan from Dutch luxury department store de Bijenkorf (they have quite a generous return policy, did you know that?).

Things went downhill pretty quickly after the photoshoot. The Snurk Astronaut duvet covers I got later on were pretty cool for about five seconds but other than that nothing much happened in the bedroom department decoration-wise. I literally would walk in late at night, fall asleep, and then leave my bedroom as soon as I woke up. Until now, that is!

My bedroom makeover featuring Graham & Brown Knightsbridge Flock Russet!

Looking back, it was all very much unlike me. You see, I used to love spending loads of time in bed when I was but a young Interiorator, watching TV, playing video games, eating delivery meals  – you name it, I used to do it in the comfort of my own bedroom. And so when I started thinking about a bedroom makeover late last year, the first things that came to mind were luxury, cosiness and style. The Graham & Brown Knightsbridge Flock Russet wallpaper I found fit the bill perfectly – and it was designed by Kelly Hoppen, no less. Now, ordering wallpaper online always involves a bit of risk taking. I mean, a pattern can look smashing on the internet, but once you see the actual wallpaper in real life, you realize that the quality of the actual paper also plays a huge role. Knightsbridge Flock Russet, I am happy to report, looks even better than it does online. The silver background has an ever so subtle soft greenish hue to it, which makes the wallpaper look different depending on the light. And the flock! The flock! It is so velvety that I still can’t keep myself from touching it every time I walk past it. Of course it helps that the pattern is raised ever so subtly. Just take a look at the photo below and I’m sure the only thing you’ll have to say is Oh la la, la LA la la la la!

You can have the most beautiful wallpaper in the world, however, and still not know how to put it to good use. I figured I’d try something different and combine it with some very simple yet luxurious white and blue duvet covers (yep, I learned a lesson or two from my interview with Dutch interior designer Monique des Bouvrie). Pretty cool combo, right? I think the white and blue makes the warm tones of the wallpaper stand out even more. I generally think that in an interior, things should never get to matchy matchy. I also decided to move some items I already had to the bedroom. My red knitted plaid by Studio Truly Truly and my red Foscarini lamp gave everything a surprising touch. And that newish House of India pouffe finally found its last resting place. Even my dusty old Tiffany lamp suddenly looked quite nice again. Quelle surprise! And then finally, no room in my apartment would be complete without two art works from Kunstuitleen Rotterdam – the best art library in the Netherlands. The first one is a photo of a frighteningly cute Pekingese dog that smiles right at you the second you walk into my bedroom. And the second piece I got is a painting of a dog that features lots of blue to contrast with the wallpaper (something is telling me I’m going to a bit of a dogs phase).

So here I am, it’s 9 PM and like every night I am happy to report I’m in already in bed. For the last couple of months, I have been watching TV, catching up on my magazines, and doing almost all of my blogposts from the comfort of my own bedroom. Isn’t it amazing that a simply decision as getting new wallpaper can change the way you live your life at home?

And now that I’ve fully convinced you, why don’t you go over to the Graham & Brown website and choose the wallpaper for your next project?

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