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Goliath Doin’It Party at Drop Coffee

In November 2011 I popped over to Stockholm for Goliath Sportswear to do the styling for the Doin’It Party at Drop Coffee. Great music and wonderful people: a perfect blend of Goliath and the Stockholm happenin’ crowd.

goliath_coffeeparty_02-640x440 goliath_coffeeparty_03-640x440 goliath_coffeeparty_04-640x440 goliath_coffeeparty_05-640x440 goliath_coffeeparty_07-640x440 goliath_coffeeparty_08-640x440 goliath_coffeeparty_09-640x440 goliath_coffeeparty_11-640x440 goliath_coffeeparty_12-640x440



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