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Gevonden op Marktplaats gevonden

I had a great time last night after work. Now that Interiorator is growing as fast as it is, I get to meet a lot of interesting people to bounce ideas off. Sometimes I meet them totally by accident and sometimes I get in touch by e-mail and then decide to meet for drinks. Which is what happened last night when I met up with Julien at Café Schiller on Rembrandtplein. Now Julien, as you may know, is the man behind the hugely popular Gevonden op Marktplaats blog – a collection of his favorite design items found on the Netherlands’ biggest second hand trading site. We shared our ideas on blogging, interior styling and our plans for the future. My plan is to be able to make a decent living from Interiorator and everything that surrounds it in about a year and a half. I’m not quite sure yet what the path towards that goal will be (right now it’s a lot of trial and error) – but what I do know is that it’s great to meet so many new and interesting people along the way. What is that saying again about the journey and the destination? Whatever it is, I wholeheartedly agree.

PS: I’ve included the spread Julien did recently for Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant and also some of the items he featured recently on Gevonden op Marktplaats. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

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