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Gerard Faivre – Muted chutzpah in grey, biscuit and gold

Guts. Chutzpah. Cojones mas grandes. See? I can tell you in at least three languages you have to be pretty self-confident as an interior designer to combine a biscuit-colored Chesterfield chair with a Cappellini Pyramid cabinet. Gerard Faivre pulls it off effortlessly in this swanky Paris apartment AND even adds one of those slightly impractical fancy round beds to the mix. It’s all very outré and show you that this guy clearly knows what he’s doing – in fact, Gérard Faivre was even named one of the top ten designers. It says so right here on the internet, so it must be true. The grey walls are just so, the gold ornaments go right up to the edge of what even I would call ‘over the top’ and the odd splash of color adds an element of surprise. A muted surprise in grey, biscuit and gold – but still.

Now before I put something online, I always check the press release the PR agency has sent me to see if I didn’t miss anything. And guess what? I missed a lot. So much in fact, that I’m just going to copy paste the entire thing so that you can read it for yourself. After all, they don’t write press releases for nothing. Right? Enjoy!

Oh, and PS: isn’t it great that as a blogger I have enough space to publish all sixty-one pictures? Good luck to the interior design magazine editor who has to whittle them down to just six pages!

Gerard Faivre - Muted chutzpah in grey, biscuit and gold /// More on

Gérard Faivre – Avenue Pierre I de Serbie Apartment

Gérard Faivre continually declares that for him, Paris is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. With its rich history, culture and art de vivre, the most beautiful capital in the world gives him the opportunity to present, in each of his projects, his unique concept of “luxurious ready to live-in apartments” available for purchase with a built-in concierge service.

Gérard Faivre, a reference in the world of high-end real estate, is passionate about all elements of design and of the exceptional. He stands for modern values and aims to create projects that are truthful to the times we live in. By using his creativity to combine the history of the magnificent buildings in which his projects are housed with the stylistic values of contemporary design, Gerard Faivre gives to his unique interiors the possibility of existing in harmony with the present.

The brand Gérard Faivre Paris offers its international clientele the ability to fulfill their dream of acquiring a seasonal property in Paris.

The Pierre I de Serbie apartment is located in Paris’ Golden Triangle, the most exclusive area of the city. This zone enjoys international recognition because of its beautiful avenues, such as Avenue George V, Avenue Montaigne, Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, and Avenue des champs Elysée and for the stunning mansions, palaces and Haute Couture and Luxury boutiques that beautify them.

The Avenue Pierre I de Serbie has always attracted a prestigious clientele.

This avenue evokes a rich past as it was named in honor of King Pierre I Serbie for the help he provided to France during the German invasion. Its location and beauty has also attracted distinguished individuals over the decades. Just to name a few, the Marquis of SERS transformed a beautiful building on this avenue into a mansion, writers of the French Academy such as Henri Lavedan have been inspired by it and film-makers such as Jean-Luc Godard have established production companies on it.

Located in a Haussmannian building built in 1860, this 270m2 apartment occupies the entire fourth floor and enjoys a view of the American Cathedral and of the luxury residence of the great couturier Léonard.

In it, Gérard Faivre combines the authentic with the contemporary. He provides to his international clients, who are used to staying in hotels, the luxury that they look for when they come to Paris as well as the French spirit and good taste so often desired.

To preserve the original essence of this apartment, Gérard Faivre asked artists to restore all of its moldings, using gold and silver foil, thereby reinvigorating the space. Also, he asks them to restore the old “Point de Hongrie” wood parquet flooring and the authentic marble fireplaces. International Press Contact:

The contemporary feel of this property comes from Gérard Faivre’s constant quest for perfection that is expressed in this project through his partnering with renowned international designers and design brands.

For the distribution of the space, he respects the principle of having a beautiful entrance with three adjoining rooms typical of Italian mansions during the 18th century.

Conscious of the balance that must exist between the living areas and those that inspire tranquility, Gerard Faivre redesigns the private spaces. Each of the four bedrooms in this apartment has a different style and its own private bathroom and dressing room. In the Master bedroom, he creates an unwinding area with a living room, fireplace and a library, as well as an area devoted for relaxation that includes a steam bath – essential for Paris’ frantic lifestyle. By using luxurious brands to decorate these bedrooms and building the bathrooms with the finest materials, Gérard Faivre infuses these interiors with value, comfort and beauty.

In this apartment, Gérard Faivre succeeds in bringing to life every piece of furniture and object. By using Italian handmade rugs throughout the apartment, the rooms obtain a majestic aura. As these harmonize with the contemporary designer pieces that furnish them, a perfect balance is achieved where each piece enhances the beauty of another.

For this project, each table, sculpture, light fixture and wall is a unique piece exhibited as envisioned when Gerard Faivre conceived the project. He also incorporates new technologies, air-conditioning units and a state of the art sound system throughout the apartment.

“As a famous artist paints, Gérard Faivre creates his own masterpieces.”

Gerard Faivre, in collaboration with the greatest luxury brands, designs this Parisian apartment expressing his worlwide recognized creativity and talent creating A UNIQUE APARTMENT READY TO LIVE IN,” which is truthful to his concept.

The brand GERARD FAIVRE PARIS allows the future owners of his apartments to move in and enjoy the Parisian lifestyle without delay after purchase.

Biscuit colored Chesterfield chair in a Paris apartment designed by Gerard Faivre Apartment designed by Gerard Faivre in Paris Apartment designed by Gerard Faivre in Paris Pierre 1er de Serbie Apartment designed by Gerard Faivre in Paris  Apartment designed by Gerard Faivre in Paris Apartment designed by Gerard Faivre in Paris Apartment designed by Gérard Faivre in Paris FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_13 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_16 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_17 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_18 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_20 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_22 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_23 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_24 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_25 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_26 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_27 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_28 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_30 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_32 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_33 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_34 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_36 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_37 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_38 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_39 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_41 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_42 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_44 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_50 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_54 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_56 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_59 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_61 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_62 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_64 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_69 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_70 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_71 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_73 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_74 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_75 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_76 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_79 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_80 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_82 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_83 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_PP_HD_88 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_SL_002 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_SL_021 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_SL_022 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_SL_026 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_SL_028 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_SL_030 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_SL_032 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_VC_07 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_VC_08 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_VC_54 FAIVRE_Pierre 1er de Serbie_VC_66


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