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Fuke, Uber…and more four-letter words

Oh boy, it’s one of those days! No matter how hard I work, my to-do list seems to be getting longer and longer. Time to take a break and share some of the stuff I’ve been seeing and doing this weekend. Crazy coinkydink: all the items are four-letter words, starting with a photographer named Fuke.


I wonder how Fuke P-San does it! The colors in his photo’s look pretty darn spectular as you can see. They also remind me of a blogpost I once wrote about Australian artists Pip & Pop – still a favorite on Interiorator. Oh by the way, is Fuke short for Fukushima?

Fuke 01 Fuke 02 Fuke 03


So, I finally used Uber for the first time last Friday night! I was amazed at how smoothly everthing went. You just open the app, enter your destination and bing, bang, boom a driver comes and picks you up. My driver, a very nice man named Gert, arrived not ten minutes after I’d ordered a car – he even called me one minute before he got at the restaurant I was to make sure I’d be waiting outside. Very nice! The car was huge and had complimentary bottles of mineral water and some magazines to read. After I got home, I got an e-mail from Uber asking me for a review. Sure, I thought, no problem! Imagine my surprise when I got a personal reply from someone named Eva, thanking me for my positive feedback. Talk about a WOW factor. And what a difference with those old school TCA taxi thugs!

Uber Amsterdam



@therealinteriorator having his first @uber @uberamsterdam experience Thanks for being our dinner guest Patrick #bloggerstour #designamsterdam

Weergeven op Instagram


Talking about Taxi, I had to think of my favorite show from the Seventies yesterday. I watched my favorite episode, called The Unkindest Cut, on YouTube. It features a very young Ted Danson as a flamboyant hair dresser named Vincenzo and a funny side story about Pac Man.



Syd Mead, that is – the famous illustrator and futurist. Fast Company has something called Wearables Week on their website, including an article about where Daft Punk apparently got their helmets from. 

Daft Punk helmets Syd Mead

Daft Punk helmets Syd Mead close up


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